Reiki Services

Reiki Treatment 

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing art that utilizes the laying on of hands to infuse the client with pure Life Force energy.  Reiki is not a belief system or religion.  It is a healing art that promotes peace and harmony.  Rev. Mother Melissa Susan is a Usui Tibetan Reiki Master and uses crystals and sound in her practice to increase the efficacy of the Reiki, cleanse and align your chakras, and focus on problem areas.  She will perform an intake interview during your first visit in order to determine which crystals will be most beneficial for your specific needs.  

Reiki treats the whole person, and you may notice benefits which extend to areas of your life you had not expected. Reiki heals by flowing through the affected parts of your energy field and infusing them with positive energy.  It heals and clears your pathways and causes negative energy which had built up over time to break apart and move away.

NOTE:  Reiki should never be a substitute for medical treatment but as a complementary therapy. It works in harmony with all forms of treatment.  It is especially helpful with people who have experienced trauma, abuse and violence, allowing those past hurts to be healed and the client to move forward in their recovery.  When combined with hypnosis, the client can expect to experience  deep relaxation and  receive suggestions on pain management, making positive changes and letting go of negative thoughts and habits. Reiki can be sent over distance and through time.

Treatment Prices

Individual Reiki  Session                  $75.00
Reiki with Hypnosis Session            $100.00

Reiki Certification Classes

Classes are only available as private classes to single students or small groups in order to fully experience the impact of attunement.  Once attuned to Reiki I, you may begin to treat others.  Reiki II gives you symbols and the energy associated with them for specific uses.  Advanced Reiki teaches the use of crystal grids and psychic surgery.  Upon completing the Master class, you will be able to teach and attune others.  Classes can be taken individually as needed or combined, dependent on your Reiki goals and previous attunements.  All prior valid attunements in the Usui/Tibetan tradition are accepted.

Class Pricing

Reiki I                            $100
Reiki II                            $125
Reiki I/II combo               $200
Advanced Reiki                $200
Master                             $300
Advanced/Master combo  $400