Psychic Readings

About Our Psychic Readings

A Psychic Tarot reading helps clarify what is surrounding any problems or blockages you might be having, and helps you find possible solutions to any problems you may be facing.  The effects of the recent past on the present will be shown as well as future outcomes if no action is taken.  
Besides the tarot, our readers may employ other divination methods such as mediumship, lithomancy and psychometry.  

Nothing is written in stone, You can change the outcome by changing your behaviors, by prayer and/or spellwork.  A Psychic Tarot reading simply gives you a forecast of what your future looks like at the time of the reading.

Readings are available via telephone by appointment.  Both Melissa and Diana offer readings in local establishments, psychic fairs and are available for parties and events. 

Our Readers
 Reverend Mother Melissa is a 3rd generation reader.  She is a clairaudient, clairsentient empath who uses the Tarot, crystal ball and psychometry to assist you in finding ways to better your life and connect with passed loved ones.  Melissa is a graduate of Providence College, a Reiki Master and an Elder in the NECTW witchcraft tradition..  She enjoys mentoring high school students for their senior projects and teaching for NECTW Study Group.  Melissa is available for parties, events and fundraisers.

Diana Moonsea is a caring and outspoken individual who uses her intuition to help others.  She's studied many disciplines including Tarot, Yoga, Astrology and Meditation.  She holds a B.A. in English from Rhode Island College. Diana is available for parties and events.