Rev. Mother Susan Asselin
Welcome to Mother Mystic!
We WERE Providence's only metaphysical shop, located in the historic Harold and Amy Beckwith Building! IF YOU NEVER VISITED US, HERE'S WHAT YOU MISSED.  THANK YOU PROVIDENCE FOR 8 GREAT YEARS!!! 
Honoring all paths to the Divine, we serve the pagan, wiccan, metaphysical and alternative health communities in Rhode Island and around the world.
Our founder, Rev. Mother Melissa is a lifelong Rhode Islander, born and raised in Providence.  
She is ordained in the Universal Life Church and is also an Elder in the NECTW Witchcraft Tradition http://nectw.org.  Her studies have included:  divination, herbalism, aromatherapy, hypnosis, palmistry, Reiki, rootwork, metaphysics and spirit communication.  
She founded Mother Mystic as a home based business in 2004 and moved into a brick and mortar location in 2009.
We closed our doors forever May 31st, 2017.