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What is a Mojo bag, you may ask? It’s a magick spell in a bag, something you carry or wear on your person or keep in a special place in your home. It’s also known as a Gris-Gris bag, Root bag or Conjure bag. It is a staple of African-American Hoodoo practice although if you visit New Orleans you may find them for sale in various Voodoo stores. Pagans and Witches also use mojo bags for protection. The term has been used generically to mean "spell bag" recently.

What are they used for? Protection, Good Luck, Draw/Strengthen Love, Gain Wisdom/Psychic Ability, Peace in the Home, Couples Binding.

All of our mojo bags are made of flannel and are made to be worn or carried on the person, always out of sight. A mojo bag made for peaceful or protective home conditions should be hidden in a place near the front door. Complete instructions for use come with each bag. Never let another person touch your Mojo back – they can steal your magick!

Bringing your Mojo to life
All of our mojo bags are custom made to meet your specific needs. We do not carry "one size fits all" mojo bags. Your unique situation and requests are taken up with Spirit and then the process of choosing specific herbs-minerals-curios related to your love, power, luck, protection or other situation begins, each prayed over before being added to the bag. The bag will then be anointed, prayed over, placed on Mother Mystic's personal altar and charged with Spirit before being sent to you.

Mother Mystic's Mojos usually hold an odd number of items, minerals, curios or herbs. In certain circumstances, a personalized mojo may hold an even number of items, allowing you, the new owner to add the final ingredient needed to bring the Mojo to life and start the magick flowing. If the mojo is meant to work for you, add some of your “personal concerns”, for example fingernail cuttings, hair etc. If you want the mojo to work on someone else, for example a love mojo to bring you the person you want, add some of their “personal concerns”. Another addition could be an amulet, magick seal or a “petition paper” on which is written the purpose/desired outcome. Once you have added the missing ingredient, you can start your Mojo working by: breathing into the bag, anointing it lightly with oil, body fluids or whiskey, smoking it (passing it thru incense or over a lit candle).

Mojos should be fed regularly by anointing with oil or smoking with incense. They are usually remade once a year. call or stop in at Mother Mystic to order your custom Mojo Bag!


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Our Mojo bags are custom made to individual order and contain ingredients compiled according to old recipes. Complete directions for activating your Mojo bag and use instructions included. Get your Mojo working for you!

Please be sure to fill in the text fields above with your name, phone number, and a brief description so Mother Mystic may call you and assess your needs.

Custom Mojo BagLucky Mojo Sachet Powder



Lucky Mojo Sachet Powder is handmade from genuine herbs, roots and oils. Use as a personal scent or to dress papers, mojos and other spellwork.


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