MOTHER MYSTIC SPIRITUAL APOTHECARY IS CLOSING!  WE ARE CLOSING OUR DOORS FOREVER MAY 31ST. THANK YOU FOR 8 WONDERFUL YEARS!  ALL OF OUR REMAINING STOCK WILL BE MOVED TO OUR ONLINE STORE.  We are Providence's only metaphysical and natural health supply shop. We strive to provide you with the best products and services to meet your spiritual, magical, and alternative health needs. Whether you are nourishing the Spirit within, seeking Spirit above, or manifesting Spirit below, we hope you will find what you need in our store.
We carry a variety of metaphysical, witchcraft/wiccan and magick supplies such as: candles, smudging supplies,oils, curios, Lucky Mojo Curio Products, incense and resins, Rune sets, Tarot decks, crystals, practitioner grade Aromatherapy essential oils, pendulums, natural soaps, room sprays, herbal and mineral baths, gift items, ritual itemS, plus books on a variety of topics including: magic, the occult, herbs, healing, spirituality & more! 

Psychic readings, Reiki treatments, Hypnosis session are available by appointment only.